Thursday, September 13, 2012

Every Day Is A Blast #3 - 'Hot Wire'

Each day for seven days I'll be looking back at one of the Blasted Heath books I've read and reviewed. The third in this series of blog posts is 'Hot Wire' by Cary Carson.
Car books are cool – ‘Drive’ by James Sallis, ‘The Wheelman’ by Duane Swierczynski and now ‘Hot Wire’ by Gary Carson. One of the newer titles by Blasted Heath, ‘Hot Wire’ reads like a script in its cinematic creativity and beautiful rendered characters and environment. It tests the boundaries of genre fiction only to barrel over them like inconvenient speed humps. 'Hot Wire' is many things, but most of all, it's good. See my review below:
True to the blurb – ‘Hot Wire’ is a“fast and furious hardboiled action thriller”; a cool car book that goes much deeper than high speed chases and flying bullets. For Emma Martin, a girl who grew up surrounded by criminal activity, jacking cars is as natural as buying groceries. So when she attempts to break away from her crew and steal a Lexus to herself, the job should be quick, simple and a faceless crime. Wrong.

The drivers of the Lexus are in the midst of hit when Emma jacks it, setting off a turn of events which threatens to level a city and rock the foundations of Emma's very core. Sounds far fetched - read the book.

Accompanying Emma is a small band of acquaintances, all with hidden agendas. A journalist, and a fellow crew member whose demeanour and surface tension is justified. Trust is a commodity Emma can ill afford yet her deductive reasoning and street smarts manage to keep her alive event after event while leaning on her comrades in arms for support.

'Hot Wire' was a lot of fun to read. What started out as a semi fast and furious gun running tale turned serious thriller then a prefect blend of the two as the plot came full circle. I sure hope Carson keeps writing stuff like this.
Read more about 'Hot Wire' on the Blasted Heath website:

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