Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Hive and Hive 2 by Griffin Hayes

Griffin Hayes has created a new and invigorating look at the done-to-death zombie sub genre. 'Hive' will be a trilogy of novellas and as a complete package will be a solid and must have addtion to any serious zombie fan's book collection. The action is intense, the gore extra meaty and the ideals fresh yet similar enough as to not reinvent the wheel. Below are my reviews of 'Hive' and 'Hive 2'
Hive'Hive' is a post apocalyptic zombie novella set a couple of hundred years post the extension level event which almost wiped out mankind - well the mankind we know it as today. A small band of survivors led by Azina is sent on a mission into the outer cities to bring back a lost group of people called The Keepers of Knowledge, a new world brand of scholars/historians. Azina's band of mercenaries naturally stumbles across a hive of Zee's (zombies) during their search and soon the horror kicks in.

This is a full throttle survival horror which borrows many good bits from other zombie romps while adding its own outbreak theory and zombie particulars (of note, the telepathic like ability and lengthy lifespan of the Zee). Author Griffin Hayes is a master of suspense with each zombie/mercenary encounter delivered in hold-your-breath fashion and edge-of-your-seat tension accompanied by blood thirsty action and cringe inducing gore brawls. Good stuff indeed.

'Hive' reads much like a taste of whats to come with the Zee's themselves coming across as deeper than the typical rancid meat bags of other zombie tales. A mysterious figure will appear which will have you begging for more. Easily consumed in one read, I cant help but think the ending (cliffhanger that it is) is served only to wet the readers appetite (which it certainly did) while also leaving a taste of the unfinished in my mouth. That said, the story is highly entertaining and a very quick read. Zombie fans will eat this up in a single helping.
Hive II'Hive 2' picks up where 'Hive left off. The gore is just as plentiful, the Zee's just as grotesque and the characters as enjoyable as ever. Azina, bitten but not turned, introduces a delicate balance of humanity and flesh craving numbness as she battles with the will to survive and the hive mentality.
The game changes, secrets are brought to light and allegiance questioned. Sotercity leader Skuld, dabbles with genetic enhancements to conquer the desolate and dire post apocalyptic world. The change in direction from Sotercity's safe haven to monster inhabited death trap adds a more human dynamic. Greed and power corrupt and take precedent over survival and public good.
Hive 2, much like its predecessor finishes with another open-ended cliff hanger, not so much from a pure thriller perspective, more so in a ‘what will happen next’ observatory capacity. I want to give this (and Hive) 5 stars but the incomplete story and missing ending round this out to a solid 4. I will go back and re-read the Hive trilogy once the third novella is released and apply a rating in accordance with the entire story.

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