Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: LOCKED DOORS by Blake Crouch

Locked Doors (Andrew Z. Thomas #2)LOCKED DOORS is the sequel to DESERT PLACES and features as a pivotal early piece in the ‘serial universe’ alongside other titles by Crouch and Konrath. Central character, Andrew Z. Thomas returns, the accused novelist now living in hiding is thrust into the dangerous world of serial killers once more when he learns of the re-emergence of Lucifer, a deranged and emotionally detracted killer.
LOCKED DOORS doesn’t have the same polished feel as DESERT PLACES with the second instalment in the Andrew Z. Thomas trilogy reading much like a typical serial killer tale. Yet, it’s the overly brutal manner by which it’s delivered that separates it from the pack. No character is safe as Lucifer does whatever it takes to enact revenge on Andrew for leaving him to bleed out at the end of DESERT PLACES.
At its core, LOCKED DOORS is driven by revenge. Lucifer, let to live regains his strength and targets those who were previously close to Andrew – once the bait is set and subsequently latched upon – the real gore begins. 
Despite the graphical content, I felt it was warranted. Unlike other serial killer novels where the blood leads to distraction, the brutality and cruel ways of the killings served to enhance Lucifers lore and establish a truly menacing character. 
I also liked the inception of a more investigative angle this time round. Violet, a young detective is on the hunt for Andrew – accused for murders his deranged brother committed, ends up forming a rather unique and interesting relationship with Andrew and Lucifer for that matter. I really liked the way Crouch wrote Violet – her story adds further humility to the series. 
LOCKED DOORS is a pretty decent serial killer novel with plenty of gore with cause and thrills typical of the genre. Andrew Z. Thomas continues to grown on me as a ‘man wronged’ with his resolve tested to the fullest in this instalment. I’m interested to see what transpires in BREAK YOU, the conclusion to the Andrew Z. Thompson trilogy. 
On a side note – Crouch includes a very handy read list of the Serial Universe up to LOCKED DOORS at the end of the novel in the kindle edition.

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