Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: SO WHAT KILLED THE VAMPIRE by Carter Brown

Aussie pulp from the golden era - a look back at a Carter Brown special: SO WHAT KILLED THE VAMPIRE (1966)
So, What Killed the Vampire?

TV  Script writer Larry Baker is hired to pen a new horror series. On location at an old castle he encounters more drama than the second rate TV actors could muster in all too realistic vampires, fear inducing bumps in the night, and dames that are both vicious and voluptuous. 

SO WHAT KILLED THE VAMPIRE is pure pulp from beginning to end. Despite being formulaic, it's still entertaining and driven by mystery. The whodunit aspect alone is worth the price of admission. 

Carter Brown takes aim at b-grade horror, detailing some of the genre's traits in colourful jest. I liked the light hearted approach to this mystery which complimented Larry Baker - a guy who is hard to take serious in any event. 

SO WHAT KILLED THE VAMPIRE is one of the better Carter Brown pulps. I've read it twice now and will likely keep coming back. The haunted atmosphere of the castle and colourful characters are fun to read.

I rate this Aussie author pulp 4 stars, initially 3.5 when I read it back in March 2009.

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