Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: BREAK YOU by Blake Crouch

Break You (Andrew Z. Thomas, #3)My small-ish review of Blake Crouch's third book to feature Andy Thomas and Luther Kite - while not as good as DESERT PLACES and LOCKED DOORS - it's a must for die-hard fans:
The conclusion to the Andy Thomas trilogy focuses on three central characters; Andy, the writer portrayed as a serial killer to the broader community, Violet, the tough ex-cop now shacked up with Andy largely due to them surviving a harrowing ordeal with a crazed killer in LOCKED DOORS, and Luther Kite, the sadistic serial killer who still mourns the loss of Andy’s twin and like-minded killer Orson. The novella’s premise is simple; test character’s endurance by subject them to horrendous physical and physiological torture, all the while showcasing Luther’s truly sinister self and exposing the black hearted serial killer that he is.
While not as good as it predecessors, BREAK YOU will entertain, primarily by virtue of the shock and awe methods used for torture and manipulation (of human joints that is). For me, BREAK YOU didn’t really add anything to the trilogy – certainly not anything new. The core characters were already established and the chain of events leading to this point had left a lasting impression. I suspect, more than anything else, BREAK YOU is more a pit stop and bridge to STIRRED than actual stand-alone or designed specifically for the Andy Thomas series. That said, readers of the fiction set within the serial universe will lap this up – it’s violent, confronting, scary and entertaining. A one sitting read that will leave goose bumps. 3 stars.
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The covers of the trilogy:
Desert Places (Andrew Z. Thomas #1)Locked Doors (Andrew Z. Thomas #2)Break You (Andrew Z. Thomas, #3)

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