Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: DEVILS OVEN by Laura Benedict

“The darkness – it’s all around you,” she said. “You’re going to let it in.”

Devil's OvenDEVILS OVEN is kind of a modern day take on Frankenstein with a delicate twist of innocence and ignorance. The monsters of Benedict’s third novel don’t conform to the stereotype, more often than not masquerading as normal people with their motives a true reflection of the evil that lurks within.

Ivy is a lonesome and hopelessly lovable character who stumbles upon the hacked pieces of a man in a nearby haunted woodland. A seamstress by trade, Ivy uses her skill to sow the man together – irrationally thinking it’ll result in her ‘knight in shining armour’ – a man she can call her own. By some supernatural power, the man rises from the dead and the beginnings of a horror story is borne.

There’s a lot to like about DEVILS OVEN. While horror, it’s the more human elements that reflect the lengths some will go to in order to relish in their own form of darkness. Adultery, murder, rape – all manner of heinous activity bleeds effortlessly into the horror that is DEVILS OVEN. No one is safe in the community, Benedict makes sure of it.
A well plotted, entertaining story where the lines that separate the natural from supernatural are blurred to a degree that makes it difficult to distinguish one from another.

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