Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: EASY INNOCENCE by Libby Fischer-Hellmann

Easy Innocence (Georgia Davis Mysteries)Hazing (a process by which individuals are subject to humiliation as part of an initiation to a group), an affluent teenage prostitution ring where the girls turn tricks for ipods over fixes, a real estate scandal, and adultery comprise this enjoyable and heinous viewpoint of the young and rich or well to-do middle class teenage girls embroiled in a murder investigation.

In Chicago’s North Shore, Georgia Davis is hired to prove the innocence of a mentally handicapped man accused of the brutal murder of 17yro Sara Long. While, a convicted sex offender, the case isn’t as clear cut as the police and prosecution had hoped.

Before long Davis is shot at, taunted, and subjected to horrors within the confines of her own home. Yet her steely determination and cop attitude (having recently been kicked off the force) keep her firmly on the hunt to prove the accused innocence.

EASY INNOCENCE shines a light on a very real topic, teens pimping teens and young women near or just at the age of consent (sometimes younger) prostituting themselves for the purpose of acquiring material wealth – it’s a deliberately unsettling take on an issue operating covertly in plain sight. The parents, mostly ignorant to their children’s out of school activities soon learn just how easy their innocent existence is lost.

Libby Fischer-Hellmann writes EASY INNOCENCE in a very convincing manner. The situations the characters find themselves are plausible and the actions of Davis and co are just in their pursuit or hindrance of justice. This was a very quick read – not due to the page count but rather the quality of writing – EASY INNOCENCE is easy to read and flows very well from one chapter to the next. I will certainly be tracking down further Georgia Davis novels if EASY INNOCENCE is anything to go by.

Overall, this is a highly entertaining crime fiction where the subject matter doesn’t reflect the shiny and affluent facade of the crime – a subtly heinous affair which will keep you engrossed from the violent beginning to startling end. 4 stars.

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