Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: MOCKINGBIRD by Chuck Wendig

“I don’t know how you’re going to turn out. I don’t think well. I think you’re a bad girl destined for bad things.”

Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)Miriam Black is cursed with the ability to see death. The merest touch of skin allows her to see anyone’s end regardless of when the reapers due to collect – it could be years, months, or minutes, as is the case with the opening scene of MOCKINGBIRD, the second book to feature Miriam Black by author Chuck Wendig.

Miriam is just as potty mouthed and headstrong as ever in MOCKINBIRD as she puts her curse to good use. The premonitions involving a string of gruesome ritual killings at a secluded all girls’ school unearth a serial killer like no other. Uncovering the truth behind the killings could result in much more than what Miriam had bargained for. All of a sudden, saving the lives of seemingly innocent young women/girls could very well result in her losing her own. The hint of a butterfly effect, a tantalising proposition, as Miriam for the first time is confronted with the future as a result of her actions.  

Wendig explores Miriam’s unique ability further in MOCKINGBIRD adding an element of ‘other’ to the mix resulting in Miriam’s lone wolf persona faulting slightly with the promise of a larger pack. The supernatural really gets kicked up a notch here, mind control, future forecasting, ghosts and all manner of evils that bump in the night add a little something to Miriam’s latest outing.

Much like BLACKBIRDS, MOCKINGBIRD is very easy to read with Wendig blending the sequences effortlessly. Short, quick fire chapters keep the novel moving along while the limited cast allows for greater character depth and meaningful story. Wendig is on to a real winner with Miriam Black.  

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