Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: WITNESS TO DEATH by Dave White

Witness To DeathA pretty solid thriller that manages to contain the international terrorist angle to New Jersey and New York through clever manipulation of the small-ish cast of characters by way of their interlocking relationships. I like my thrillers to be character driven and this is the foundation of WITNESS TO DEATH. Despite an unassuming homeland terror threat by a weapons manufacture and local mob outfit, it’s accidental hero, John Brighton and ex girlfriend Michelle who bathe in the limelight. Alphabet agencies are involved yet a lone ranger of sorts in Peter Callahan, former accused adulterer turned saviour acts in isolation – his relationship with Michelle, a very real part of the terror plot. It’s his plight and the inner demons of John’s past which really glue this solid story.

Undercover agents, domesticated imbalance and hard hitting fight scenes are paramount throughout. Never knowing who to trust and which side of the story to believe keeps this thriller pumping along at breakneck speed.

Author Dave White, well known for his PI writing flips the script with WITNESS TO DEATH. His style is similar to Duane Swierczynski while the thriller aspects match up with the best in the business. The linear plot is balanced by deep characterisation and enough back-story to make each kill, fight, struggle and victory mean something.

Hinting at a capacity for further stories in this setting, WITNESS TO DEATH both concludes this story while leaving a glimmer of hope for further exploration. It’ll be interesting to see where Dave White heads next – PI or thriller? Either way it’ll be well worth the price of admission.

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