Saturday, February 23, 2013

Delayed Gratification [1] - Books doing 'time' on the shelf

This series of blog posts examines books I’ve acquired which have spent considerable time on the shelf for one reason or another (in some cases many years). In an order to rediscover what attracted me to these books in the first place, each week/fortnight I plan on revisiting a handful with the aim of pushing them up the TBR pile and rekindling my interest.
The first post focuses on crime (which is where my reading is at right now). These books are a mix of kindle and print which I had fully intended to read asap simply because the blurbs sounded fantastic, yet they have been overlooked time and time again for reasons I’m not sure of.
Eightball BoogieFirst up is EIGHTBALL BOOGIE by Declan Burke (shelved from 2011) – one of the first books I bought for the kindle in early 2011 and I think that has something to do with it being shelved for the past couple of years. Lost amongst my plentiful collection of ebooks, this noir/hardboiled gem has been laying in wait like a snake ready to strike venom into this noir lover’s heart. I’m yet to read anything by Declan Burke, which is surprising given he writes my genre of choice. This will be rectified soon.
Check out the [GR] page for EIGHTBALL BOOGIE here:
The Boys from Santa Cruz: A ThrillerTHE BOYS FROM SANTA CRUZ by Jonathan Nasaw (shelved from 2010) – the fifth book to feature former FBI Agent Pender. I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Nasaw’s Pender series for over 10years with FEAR ITSELF one of my all time favourite books. THE BOYS FROM SANTA CRUZ takes a step back in time to an earlier case which looks to be just as heinous as Pender’s recent post retirement investigations. This is likely to sit on the shelf a little longer, largely due to it being a ‘series’ book I want to first familiarise myself with Pender again so a reread of book 4 WHEN SHE WAS BAD (a sexually charged physiological thriller which I whole heartedly devoured a few years ago – a worthy reread) is on the cards before dusting this one off.
The Big BangTHE BIG BANG by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins (shelved from 2010) – nestled in-between two of the newer Mike Hammer novels I’ve read in THE GOLIATH BONE (#14, published 2008) and KISS HER GOODBYE (#16, pub 2011), the 15th instalment in the Hammer series was overlooked partly as I had originally intended to read the series in order of publication and only made it through the first 9 (collected in three separate omnibus editions). I then felt the timing was right to try one of the newer novels co-authored by Max Allan Collins (THE GOLIATH BONE). Following that I obtained an e-arc of KISS HER GOODBYE via Netgalley to review which resulted in THE BIG BANG being left to collect dust on the shelf. I recently went back to the first Hammer novel in I, THE JURY which is the main reason for THE BIG BANG appearing in this post.
If anyone’s interested, feel free to share your delayed gratification and post a link in the comments to this post. Hopefully a gem or two will be unearthed.
Happy reading :-) 

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