Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: FRANK SINATRA IN A BLENDER by Matthew McBride

Frank Sinatra in a BlenderNick Valentine is an unusual PI, rather than taking cases by hapless and shady individuals, he works with the police by acting as a link between the blue and the street. That said, Valentine sure isn’t a squeaky clean and lawful member of the community – he’s a perpetual drunk with his own agenda and in FRANK SINATRA IN A BLENDER, that agenda comprises of one simple factoid – getting rich quick off the idiocy of criminals.

I was really impressed by FRANK SINATRA IN A BLENDER. Everything about it oozes noir and exemplifies all that is great about the damaged protagonist. Valentine is tainted, corrupt (in a redeemable way), yet somehow honest and reliable, a self proclaimed functioning alcoholic. This mass-up of traits and descriptions actually works in his favour which enables him to command respect from both the law and lawless alike.

FRANK SINATRA IN A BLENDER is engaging, violent, laden with dark humour; multi faceted, and had multiple viewpoints all equally enjoyable. This is really a stunning debut and a must for fans of fiction – yep, it’s simply too good to be confined to a specific genre enthusiast.    

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