Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: MURDERERS ANONYMOUS by Douglas Lindsay

Murderers Anonymous (Barney Thomson) Barney Thomson just attracts serial killers. After surviving mass murder at a monastery in THE BARBER SURGEONS HAIRSHIRT, the barber with bad luck stumbles upon a group of murderous maniacs trying to rein in their addiction by joining murderers anonymous. Thing is - not all of these violently inclined individuals have been caught and soon enough a secluded retreat that was meant to hint at romance in the air and redemption turns to spoilt meat and relapse.
I don't know how Douglas Lindsay does it, but every time I read a Barney Thomson book the dialogue and healthy dose of satire just gets better and better. Even with the expanded cast in Mulholland and Proudfoot (and her fictitious addiction, Jade Weapon), both police officers who have aligned their lives to the Barney Thomson phenomenon, Lindsay manages to keep the dialogue fresh and unique to the characters without sounding like carbon copies of one another.
Witt and humour are key to these books, however in MURDERERS ANONYMOUS, it's a shocking turn of events and a sequence so bloody and cannibalistic that horror fans may cringe that seals the deal. The third instalment shows no signs of the series slowing down, if anything, Lindsay appears to be gearing up for more high octane laughs and comedic accident murder.
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