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Review: ZOMBIE BITS... and pieces

Zombie Bits (Murdermouth)This collection of short stories delves into the zombie sub genre from multiple points of view ranging from the zombies themselves, to those who hunt them. While varied, the stories from the zombie POV are very similar insofar as the personality and thought processes mirror one another to the extent I though they were linked stories (they may well be though it didn’t come across that way). There are some standouts, with ‘Survivors’ by Joe McKinney reading more like an action romp than survival horror yet it manages to ooze heart amidst the gore infused backdrop. ‘The Meek’ by Scott Nicholson is probably the best of the collection where cannibalism runs rife in outback Australia and the order of the food chain is severely altered. ‘The Zombie Survival Scorecard’ by Jonathan Maberry goes to great length to diversify the dead by breaking down the types of zombies and their potential impact on the rate of human survival should such events occur – interesting and well written. ‘Murdermouth’ by Scott Nicholson is the best of the zombie POV’s and shows a more human aspect to the walking dead where the living could almost be considered the monsters. Overall this is a solid collection of zombie bits to wet the appetite for a full length.

Horizon (Aftertime, #3)Now onto some of the zombie novels taking my immediate interest (a different slant on my Delayed Gratification posts). Currently I’m reading Sophie Littlefield’s HORIZON (Aftertime #3). It’s been while since I finished REBIRTH (Aftertime #2) (actually it was July 2011!) and I was initially going to go back and re-read it before delving into HORIZON but I just couldn’t wait. So far so good. I love survival horror and Littlefield’s series is a sure winner. A passage from REBIRTH still gives me the chills when I read it:

“…the truck offered them exactly what they wanted: a shelter with only one way in, a dark box that would serve as their butcher’s table and which would run red with the blood of the fallen.”

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Quiver (Volume 1, The Tamsyn Webb Chronicles)QUIVER by Aussie author Jason Fischer brings back the pulp era zombie horror by virtue of some great artwork and even better storytelling. Initially designed to be a series of novellas, this survival horror is far more than gore and mindless meat eaters with protagonist Tamsyn Webb instantly likeable and well defined. I read GRAVESEND, the first instalment (book 1 of the novel) some time ago and am looking forward to seeing where Fischer takes his bow and arrow wielding heroine. I plan on reading QUIVER shortly after finishing HORIZON.

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To finish off this zombie themed post, below is a review I wrote a while ago (March 2011) for one of my all time favourite zombie novels, THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS by Alden Bell.

The Reapers Are the Angels (Reapers, #1)Set 25 years after a zombie outbreak, 'The Reapers Are the Angels' portrays the struggle of mankind as it attempts to build a new society decimated by death and consumed by hatred. Funnily enough, it’s not the zombies that pose the dominant threat to the new world, rather the survivors themselves (amongst who live inbreeds, hunters, and criminals) who haven't learnt to live harmoniously without laws and governance. The protagonist, Temple, oozes classic southern gothic appeal and is instantly likable - the perfect heroine for the imperfect post apocalyptic time she lives in. Driven to the fight, Temple roams the USA encountering one band of survivor society to another and picking up some interesting wards along the way. The zombies are portrayed as little more than cattle (by some as a means food, others as a source of narcotic) adding a semi-original touch to a well used theme. Consistently fast paced, this is as good as a page turner I've ever read.

THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS has high reread appeal and I suspect I’ll be going back for another dose of the good stuff in the not too distant future.

I’m yet to read EXIT KINGDOM (Reapers #2) but if its half as good as THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS then its sure to be a winner too.

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