Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reivew: DIAL M FOR MAN by Orrie Hitt

Dial M for ManA TV repairman is lured into the world of adultery and false promises by a heavenly blonde with a perfect shape and healthy bedroom appetite. Hob Sampson, is trying to make ends meet when he’s shunned by the bank when asking for a loan to further his business. Slowly, the reasons unravel with his father’s past the reason for his financial difficulties. If ever Hob needed to settle a score, this was it. The blonde just happens to be the bankers wife and the set-up too convenient to ignore.

DIAL M FOR MAN portrays the small town hardships and community run by few, with the balance of power far from equitable. Hob is an average Joe who succumbs to irrrestible curves and the promise of a once in a lifetime payoff.

The early stages of the novel felt comparable to Gil Brewer’s THE VENGEFUL VIRGIN where a TV repairman (Jack Ruxton) is lured into the arms of a wanton woman only to be embroiled in a murder scheme. DIAL M FOR MAN is very much the same in premise but delivered with more emotional and holistic plot depth.

I enjoyed DIAL M FOR MAN – it’s a thinly plotted pulp that doesn’t miss a beat without being overly memorable. Recommended for Orrie Hitt fans and pulp enthusiasts.

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