Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: THE POSTHUMOUS MAN by Jake Hinkson

The Posthumous Man by Jake HinksonIf you’re not reading Jake Hinkson and you are a fan of noir then you need to rectify that asap and go buy his books. Hinkson again delivers the goods with a novella that will leave you wanting more, and more, and more.

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Recently noir novellas have brought back that pulp style single plot thread delivery with a peripheral side story attached to the protagonist in a way that is reminiscent of the dime store pulps of yester year with THE POSTHUMOUS MAN a perfect example.

It’s taut, lean, precise, and as sharp as a scalpel. Hinkson doesn’t waste a word as he thrusts the recently departed then revived former reverend Elliot Stilling into a world far removed from the church. God is an absentee landlord inaccessible for any of the criminally inclined characters in THE POSTHUMOUS MAN.

I enjoyed every aspect of THE POSTHUMOUS MAN. From nurse Felicia’s involvement with the underworld and some very shady characters to Elliot’s evolution from a man of the cloth to a man more than capable of sending his foes to meet their maker. Accompanying this violent story is one of immense loss which not only rationalises Elliot’s actions but makes him more human in doing so.

Earlier I blog about my top noir novellas - THE POSTHUMOUS MAN easily gets on the list.

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