Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: THE BLINDING KNIFE (Lightbringer #2) by Brent Weeks

The Blinding KnifeOriginality in epic fantasy is a hard thing to accomplish yet the Lightbringer series does just that. There is so much to like about the premise and execution. Whereas some fantasy tombs get beaded down by inconsequential dialogue and scenes, author Brent Weeks makes each word count towards a deeper evolution, be it towards the universe, plots, lore, or characters. One thing that’s becoming abundantly clear with this series is that Weeks HAS got to write more in this setting. Despite the first two books being large in page count I got the feeling that we’re only now seeing where this series is headed.

THE BLINDING KNIFE picks up where THE BLACK PRISM left off with a world on the verge of more war and a Prism fading from existence while his begotten (hmm) son Kip trains for the elite Blackguard forces while stumbling towards a greater destiny than even Gavin can imagine. Liv has switched sides and is aiding the battle against Gavin and his Gods while Karris is still the fearsome member of the Blackguards from THE BLACK PRISM yet more defined. I could go on but wont in fear of letting out spoilers.


The first book in the Lightbringer series is fantastic. The concepts are creative, the characters a joy to read, and the plot a never ending road of twists, turns, deceit, culminating in traditional fantasy epic violence. THE BLACK PRISM will shock and awe, just give it some time. (Nov 2012, Just A Guy That Likes To Read - Review link below)

Safe to say THE BLINDING KNIFE doesn’t deviate from the successful formulate of book 1 but builds upon a diverse and interesting merger of fantastical concepts, religion, relationship, and war. Right up there with the best fantasy series I’ve read to date.

Brent Weeks on the third instalment of the Lightbringer series:

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