Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: QUARRY'S DEAL (Quarry #3) by Max Allan Collins

Quarry's DealQuarry is to Max Allan Collins as Parker is to Westlake. A likeable, somewhat cult-like figure that lives on the wrong side of the law. In QUARRY’S DEAL, the third instalment in the hit-man series, Quarry tracks down a fellow operative with designs to make some cash by informing the target of his impending demise. From there Quarry moves with brutal efficiency, thrusting himself in the assassin’s life in more ways than one on track towards a nice payday.

This is perhaps one of the more calculated and cold Quarry novels I’ve read (inc. the Hardcase Crime books). Max Allan Collins paints a perfect picture of the subtle yet shockingly effective kill – one of the hallmarks of the series.

Like the other Quarry books I found myself unable to put it down. There is something about Quarry and his method that intrigues and addicts. No longer a traditional hitman, his self made occupation relies upon tracking assassins (for lack of a better word) and dealing for their targets lives. It’s an interesting concept that doesn’t date.

A must for fans of the HCC series.

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