Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: WEE DANNY by Gerard Brennan

Wee Danny"I wallow in the shame of my deeds only long enough to satisfy inherent guilt."

WEE DANNY explores redemption against temptation. The underlying urge to revert to violence is omnipresent yet contained - just. For youth offender, Danny Gibson, violence was a part of life, a means of survival and respect. Now the laws of the street no longer apply and toting the thin blue lines means reward and a better quality of life.

Well, Danny's a wee scrapper ain't he? Slight problem there...

WEE ROCKETS detailed youth gang life and first introduced Danny to world of crime fiction. In WEE DANNY, author Gerard Brennan shines the spotlight on Danny himself while incarcerated in a home for young offenders.

The theme and overall feel of WEE DANNY is different to WEE ROCKS. Gone are the gang members so prevalent throughout WEE ROCKETS, yet their influence still echoes in Danny's actions. He's just as hard as before but displays a level of maturity not full realised in the previous installment; by virtue of his predicament or the desire to take an autistic teen under his wings, either way, this character driven tale shows heart and builds upon the troublesome yet redeemable young man we first saw in WEE ROCKETS.

The real strength to WEE DANNY is the character development. Danny himself is well defined, coming across as both reformed (to a degree) and just as troublesome as his days running with the youth gang. I couldn't help but like Conan, the autistic teen - his vulnerability and Danny's urge to protect him is heartwarming, while Adrian, the resident advisory draws Danny back towards that dark light of violence.

I enjoyed reading more of this interesting and somewhat complex character. There are many sides to Danny and Brennan's done a great job at showing both the lighter and troublesome sides simultaneously. I hope this isn't the last we've seen of the WEE ROCKETS stories.


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