Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The best books of 2013 (so far)

Picking a handful of reads for this post was tough, 2013 has seen so many good reads by some of my favourite authors. Below is the absolute cream of the crop (in no particular order).

The Baddest Ass - (Billy Lafitte, #3)THE BADDEST ASS by Anthony Neil Smith

The third Lafitte book is just as good as the second, HOGDOGGIN'. I'd love to see a Josh Stallings/Anthony Neil Smith Lafitte/Moses McGuire showdown - two of the toughest/baddest characters going 'round in noir fiction.

The Cambodian Book of the DeadTHE CAMBODIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD by Tom Vater

Will end up as one of the best PI novels this year. There is a haunting quality to Detective Maier's first book which promises so much and more importantly delivers.

Point and ShootPOINT AND SHOOT by Duane Swierczynski

The Charlie Hardie trilogy comes to a close with POINT AND THE SHOOT being the culmination of all manner of hurt put on the human punching bag that is Hardie. Swierczynski has, with this trilogy, written a diverse yet intrinsically linked tale that is at times, literally out of this world.  

All The Wild Children: A noir memoirALL THE WILD CHILDREN by Josh Stallings

The must read non-fiction of 2013 without a doubt. Stallings is a great and imaginative writer. His Moses McGuire books are raw and uninhibited - in ALL THE WILD CHILDREN we get to see where some of that inspiration comes from.

The Blue Blazes (Mookie Pearl, #1)THE BLUE BLAZES by Chuck Wendig

I love the Joe Pitt casebooks by Charlie Huston and have been craving something along those lines since I finished rereading the series some time ago. Mookie Pearl is a great lead character in a great series. If THE BLUE BLAZES is any indication of what readers can expect for the rest of the series then we're all in for a hellish good time.

With many more on the way, 2013 promises to continue being a great year for readers, what ever your poison may be.

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