Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: BARNEY THOMSON, ZOMBIE KILLER by Douglas Lindsay

Barney Thomson Zombie KillerSatire, zombies, political send-up, the world's most renowned mass murdering barber and haircuts aplenty - Douglas Lindsay's standalone Barney Thomson novella takes readers on a hilarious roller-coaster ride on the other side of life - the undead.

The British Prime Minister wants to take over the world - and do it on the cheap. Enter the zombie army. British scientists have developed a world class fighting unit, with no health care, pay, or expensive training, this undead army is both efficient and cost effective. As they ravage country to country without much international intervention, the PM starts to see his vision come to fruition.

That is, until the zombies break their containment at the hands of the army and raid the PM's quarters. The living dead, on a mission for human flesh look to eradicate the living to satisfy their craving.

Where does Barney Thomson fit in all this chaos? He's been assigned the personal barber to the PM, having undertaken such duties for previous members of office, he comes highly recommended, with a minor caveat...people seem to die when he's around.

As the laugh out loud story progresses Barney assumes the role of action hero, fending off the undead along side Humphrey Bogart and a small contingent of PM staff.

Douglas Lindsay's Barney Thomson books are far fetched but this takes the cake, it's a story without any sense of believability yet it demands the reader's attention by virtue of it's clever plotting, pitch black humour, and interesting characters.

Fans of Barney Thomson, new and old, can read BARNEY THOMSON, ZOMBIE KILLER without having read all the previous books in the series, though having some understanding of his previous exploits will enhance the jocularity.

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