Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pick Up A Pulp [2]: CAMPUS TRAMP by Lawrence Block

Campus TrampLawrence Block has written loads of diverse material spanning decades. Using multiple aliases his genre leaping work has attracted and entertained many the eclectic reader. In this latest instalment at revisiting pulp fiction, I turn my sights on one of Block's earliest novels in CAMPUS TRAMP - a story of a young woman, new to college looking to find fulfillment and purpose through education at Clifton College. She gets an education, just not the one she deliberately set out for.

Linda Shepard's only sexual encounters where on the shy side of the explicit prior to arriving at college, free from her family and small town life, she instantly connects with a stand-up gentlemen but diverts her attention towards the rougher crowd after being briefly introduced to the local newspaper editor Don Gibbs.

Looking for love in the wrong places, she ends up having an almost fatal attraction, smothering Don with time (in and out of bed) to such an extent that her education suffers as does her relationship.

Cast out following Don's frank break-up, Linda finds herself broken hearted and cold bedded. Seeking the obliterate the pain of a love lost she pushes her most desirable asset, her body, on any young man willing to love her a little, if only to satisfy a craving.

CAMPUS TRAMP is like nothing I've read before and comes across as a mixture of sleaze and literature. An odd and unlikely combination yet apt in my opinion. Block explores the journey and pain of self discovery through the blatant disregard and destructive nature of self ridicule and carelessness to evolution via redemption and self awareness. CAMPUS TRAMP is much more than the title suggests and was a great pulp find.

Lawrence Block wrote CAMPUS TRAMP under the alias Andrew Shaw.

This is the second book to feature in my Pick Up A Pulp Series, the first being Gil Brewers' THE BRAT - click on the Pick Up A Pulp label below to find a link to that post.

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