Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: SKINNER by Charlie Huston

SkinnerComplex narrative in league with the finest James Ellroy. In Charlie Huston's current day spy thriller, protagonist, Skinner is embroiled in modern global warfare, a deadly game of smoke and mirrors where trust is a commodity he can ill afford.

Skinner's primary occupation is that of protecting his assets as deemed by the secretive agency he's employed. Skinner will do anything to protect his asset, murdering any threat with little or no remorse.

He's a unique assassin, a victim of experimental parents who used him as a test case for life inside a skinner box for most of his youth. The breeding ground for his violent and emotionless ways introduced from birth sprouted a highly effective and dangerous man who would eventually be an asset and liability to the spy game.

SKINNER showcases Charlie Huston's diversity as a writer. The style far removed from his earlier works in the Henry Thomspon noir trilogy and the Joe Pitt casebooks. The plot is deeply entrenched in current events and plays upon conspiracy theories and Government corruption and greed without over-reaching.

I had been eagerly anticipating something new from Charlie Huston, having been a fan since he first appeared on my reading radar some years ago and SKINNER didn't disappoint.

Highly recommended for fans of spy v spy and high octane, intelligent thrillers.

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