Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Tobacco-Stained Mountain GoatPost apocalyptic Melbourne is the place setting for this dystopian noir that's as much a homage to the great authors of noir as it is an ode to the pulp sci-fi futuristic storytelling greats.

Floyd Maquina is a seeker, a kind of private investigator/secret law enforcement agency operative who is tasked with hunting down Deviants for the purpose of relocation and, if need be, termination. It's a job that conjures up images of equal parts Mike Hammer, and Minority Report (just more gritty and hard edged).

Despite a smooth, smart mouthed, devil-may-care attitude, Floyd is not without his personal demons, having lost his wife and being haunted by his killing of a Deviant, his emotional perspective shifts to match each predicament he faces with each of those incidents paramount to his action/reaction.

TOBACCO-STAINED MOUNTAIN GOAT is a fusion of cultures both true and fantastical depicted through veil of murder, deception, and uncertainty. It's unique and ambitious. The plot doesn't drive this novel, rather an intriguing cityscape, interesting cast of characters, and a world very much alive despite the perceived death. 

A great book and a must read prior to the newly released anthology TOBACCO-STAINED SKY (view more on Goodreads).

I recently interviewed Andrez Bergen HERE

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