Saturday, October 19, 2013

Browsing the Bookstore [1]

Trunk MusicI love secondhand bookstores. There's something about browsing those worn and well loved spines on rickety shelving that hits the spot. The thrill of the hunt, the quest for a hidden treasure. Despite reading for many years now, the experience is always the same.

In this new series of blog posts I'll share my recent acquisitions from my trips to secondhand bookstores (brick and mortar/online). As fun as it is to read/review, I also get a kick out of sharing my newest shelf additions. So without further delay, below is my latest batch:

I've got almost every book by George Pelecanos but for some reason or another, hadn't picked up the Nick Stefanos trilogy. Given Nick (or his son) makes cameos in a number Pelecanos titles I've read (DC Quartet, Derek Strange series), this was a must buy. I was lucky enough to find each of the books in the editions I want (I do love a nice looking cover).

A Firing Offense Nick's Trip Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go

I've just started re-reading the Harry Bosch books by Michael Connelly, unfortunately I've only got the first couple so need to get my hands on the remaining book. TRUNK MUSIC (book #5) was next on my list.

Last was THE ROSARY GIRLS (2005) by Richard Montanari. This is the first book in a crime series featuring Philadelphia detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano. I first heard of this with the recent publication of THE STOLEN ONES (2013) (book #7) which sounded great:

Destroyed by fire years ago, the infamous Philadelphia State Hospital was known as the warehouse for the criminally insane. But one man, Luther, never left.

Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano are called to a bizarre murder scene, but it's just the beginning of a trail of evil that leads back to the hospital and the horrific nightmares that it still contains.

The Rosary Girls (Jessica Balzano & Kevin Byrne, #1)Hook-line-sinker - I don't like jumping into books mid-series so tracked down where it all started with THE ROSARY GIRLS (book #1), which in itself sounds like a decent read:

Jessica and Kevin are called to the scene of the murder of a parochial school student. The dead girl, clasping a rosary, has been mutilated in a way that shocks even the hardened medical examiner. And when a second teen's body is discovered and a task force is formed, Jessica is determined to make sure that she stays on the case. And if that means going the extra mile and risking her own life and sanity by immersing herself in the dark, dangerous mind of a serial killer, that's what she'll do to close the case of the Rosary Girls.

As can be seen, I was in the mood to bolster my crime collection - this trip to the bookstore satisfied that need.  

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