Friday, October 18, 2013

Pick Up A Pulp [3]: Carter Brown TBR

Carter Brown has got to be the most prolific pulp hack to ever pound the type writer in Australia. His stories, while formulaic continue to provide with me with endless enjoyment (also helps that there's loads of books to track down). With protagonists ranging  from the PI (Danny Boyd, Rick Holman), cop (Al Wheeler), and TV gag writer Larry Baker amongst others, the stories are a mix of sex, violence, mystery, and police procedural all wrapped in a pure pulp bundle.

Taking a different path today with this series of Pick Up A Pulp blog posts (the first two featured reviews for CAMPUS TRAMP by Lawrence Block and THE BRAT by Gil Brewer respectively) I thought I'd take a look at some of the colourful vintage covers sitting in my Carter Brown tbr pile.

What initially attracted me to these books was the covers and that the author was an aussie (although most stories take place in the U.S.A) which provided all the incentive I needed to hunt for these rare-ish books (for half decent quality ones that is).

The above pic shows books for Carter Brown's Al Wheeler series in THE HAMMER OF THOR,TARGET FOR THEIR DARK DESIRE, and THE DUMDUM MURDER, a couple of books featuring PI Rick Holman in THE WIND-UP DOLE, and LONG TIME NO LEOLA. Female PI Mavis Seidlitz also features in this tbr round-up with NONE BUT THE LETHAL HEART and SEIDLITZ AND THE SUPER-SPY.

While Carter Brown published a heap of books, some in lengthy 'series', the reading order isn't paramount to the experience with most working perfectly well as a self contained standalones.

The next Pick Up A Pulp post will feature one of my favourite Carter Brown books set in Queensland, Australia, the Danny Boyd mystery LOVER, DON'T COME BACK! (first edition, 1962).


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    1. Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by the blog - I'll check yours out.