Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: THE BEAST WITHIN by James Daniels (Dead Man #7)

The Beast Within (The Dead Man, #7)Continuing my recent spate of horror/supernatural reads, I turned my attention back to the Dead Man series of novellas - this time round, it's the seventh instalment, THE BEAST WITHIN by James Daniels.

Matt Cahill, on the hunt for the author of a book which may provide a vital link into his reanimation finds himself deep in the Northern Michigan woods amongst a cult-like stronghold who's leader is under siege. The leader, just so happens to be the books author. A chance encounter with his wife at a supermarket sees Cahill fighting alongside ex-military personal to save this odd visionary from death in order to learn more about the omnipresent Mr. Dark.

THE BEAST WITHIN Reads like a men's magazine adventure pulp with a supernatural twist.

Cahill is cast as a commando of sorts, taking down soldiers with ease and rescuing the inhabitants of the compound with little regard for his own safety.

The action is high octane and more akin to blockbuster action than supernatural drama of pervious instalments. The nature of the episodic novellas is more prevalent here with the plot coming together as a once off read - knowledge of what came before isn't essential but will provide context to Cahill's plight.

THE BEAST WITHIN surprised me. I didn't expect the type of story author James Daniels concocted for the series - and that's a good thing.

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