Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: A DAY AND A NIGHT AND A DAY by Glen Duncan

A Day And A Night And A DayThree distinct plot threads diversified by time are entwined at the height of torture. Augustus Rose is a terrorist - his interrogator, Harper, a master of the brutal art of inflicting pain for purpose. Together they form an unlikely bond as the questions flow thick and slow mimicking Augustus' steadily dripping blood on the floor of the interrogation room.

A DAY AND A NIGHT AND A DAY is a complex read that's confronting, emotional, and devilishly smart.

Author Glen Duncan is renowned for his diverse delivery of fiction. Delving deep into the delicate fabric of the human psyche, Duncan crafts a story that's all encompassing and engrossing. Augustus is depicted as a likable yet flawed character with redeemable qualities despite his predicament and sufferance for his actions. He's not meant to be the victim yet he comes across as one.

The style of A DAY AND A NIGHT AND A DAY isn't for everyone. In order to fully appreciate this book you need to take the time to digest the impact of each plot thread and notion of truth. The ending is a fruitful reward for perseverance.

I've not read anything like A DAY AND A NIGHT AND A DAY and doubt I will again. It's this unique storytelling that avid readers crave and Duncan delivers.

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