Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: FIDELITY by Thomas Perry

FidelityPhil Kramer, a private detective with his own agency is gunned down at night on an abandoned street. There are no witnesses, his investigators don't know what case he was working on, and his wife is in the dark.

Phil's wife utilises the private investigators at her disposal in an attempt to solve her husbands murder but as she digs into Phil's past she uncovers truths about her marriage she was ill prepared for.

The thing I most admired about FIDELITY was author Thomas Perry's ability to connect with the reader through his varied and equally deep characters. The chapters switch point of view from Emily (Phil's wife) to contract killer Hobart, to Theodore Forrest a wealthy businessman with his fare share of perversions. Each of the core group of characters brought a different sense of perspective to the plot and were completely believable.

As far as the plot itself goes, its linear yet as Emily's investigation unfolds the back story delves deeper into Phil's persona, his relationship with the agency and marriage.

Overall, FIDELITY is an enjoyable and well executed piece of crime fiction of the quality I've come to expect from Thomas Perry (having previously read STRIP and NIGHTLIFE).

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