Saturday, November 23, 2013

Catching up on crime: LOSER'S TOWN by Daniel Depp (2009)

Loser's TownDaniel Depp, little brother of movie star Johnny, is a former screen writer and Hollywood insider, who draws upon his knowledge of tinsel town to depict an inner sanctum of stardom that grits the gloss, dramatises the drama and foils the facade.

LOSER’S TOWN is the first in what I hope is a long standing run of Hollywood PI novels featuring former stuntman and general all ‘round hard man David Spandau. Called in from vacation he’s tasked with investigating death threats made to up and coming actor and soon-to-be A-List celebrity Bobby Dye while onset of his latest (and breakout) film.

Spandau is sceptical from the outset, after all death threats are commonplace in the industry – however, when it’s made apparent the threats are delivered direct to Dye, bypassing the beefed up security, Spandau knows there more to this than Dye has him believe.

What follows is a highly addictive romp through the seedy underbelly of stardom, where mobsters, murders and blackmailers all vie for a piece of fame and a slice of that Hollywood dream.
Depp’s style took a little to warm to but once the plot found its rhythm, LOSER’S TOWN was hard to put down. Not only is the core investigation interesting but the ‘bad guys’ really take a life of their own – so much so that Depp could’ve easily made these main characters in their own right. Add to that Spandau and his cohorts and this is really a ‘must-read’ for fans of private eye books and those looking for the rusty and decayed side of all that glitters and is golden.

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