Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: LAST ORDERS by Tony Black

Last Orders (a Gus Dury crime thriller)Gus Dury is hired by a Minister to locate his missing and pregnant 16yr old daughter. Reluctantly, Gus takes the case only to find the missing person hasn’t been reporting missing and the reason surrounding her disappearance is not as clear as the Minister had him believe.

Despite being small in page count, this is a satisfying and well-conceived plot, executed in typical Tony Black fashion - equal measures of humour, alcohol, and the undesirables of crime fiction.
There’s a liberal dose of Gus’ trademark path to oblivion while his finer qualities and investigative ability are also on show to counteract his troubled personal life.
Readers of the previous Gus Dury novels will see the effects of those books in this setting while new readers will get a mere glimpse of the character and quality of Tony Black’s writing.
As usual – a highly recommended read that’s left me craving a full length follow-up to LONG TIME DEAD (Book #4).

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