Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: THE VIEW FROM THE TOWER by Charles Lambert

17884104A crippling tale of love, loss, redemption, violence, and political intrigue. THE VIEW FROM THE TOWER    is a slow burning crime novel that’s more about retrospective relationships post death than the mystery surrounding the identity and motives of a killer.
Federico is a powerful and influential public servant living in Rome and married to the attractive Helen when he is gunned down running an innocuous errand. At the time of the murder Helen is in bed with former lover and close friend of Federico’s, Giacomo, an ex-terrorist and reformed gentleman – also involved in a relationship.
The news spreads fast and aspersions are cast in every direction with Helen’s life placedunder close scrutiny; her movements under a microscope for eager public viewing. Paranoia and guilt wrack her conscious and subconscious thoughts, yet she continues to be entangled in the security and familiarity of her fellow adulterer Giacomo.  As the nature of the heinous crime is slowly unravelled, Helen’s world is turned upside down. Trust, a precious commodity, she learns, she can ill afford.
I wasn’t expecting such a deep seeded emotional journey into the inner sanctum of a long standing marriage and complicated character whose motivation and secrecy derailed the façade and questioned the perceived truth behind what seemed a perfectly normal and amicable relationship. Author Charles Lambert, does a masterful job of engrossing the reader into this cushioned and somewhat isolated world as Helen comes to terms with her predicament.
THE VIEW FROM THE TOWER is a literary yet psychologically charged murder mystery that slowly cuts deep to the bone.

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