Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: SAINT HOMICIDE by Jake Hinkson

Saint HomicideJake Hinkson, author of the novella THE POSTHUMOUS MAN and novel HELL ON CHURCH STREET returns with a new novella, SAINT HOMICIDE to explore one man’s hidden urges and sickly sweet lust narrated with a naivety and undercurrent of malice that demands the reader’s attention.
In a misguided attempt to serve his creator, Daniel, a devout religious man, crosses the line between doing God’s work and being an agent of hell. Though Hinkson outlines the ending up front; we know Daniel ends up in prison, the writing consistently conveys a message of hope, morphing Daniel from a criminal to good-guy to ultimately a man who deserves his place in a cell.
The slow dilapidation and easy sway of decay that creeps over the character as the plot ticks along grows increasing violent and truer to the Saint Homicide moniker. Touted as a seemingly loving husband to a wife still recovering from the mental and physical injuries of an accident, Daniel at first looks to be the doting and caring husband his fa├žade so alludes. Then his sister in law goes missing and he’s asked to help find her for fear it will burden his wife. This is where the story heads down that dark and non returnable place...
Tracking down someone who doesn’t want to be found, being confronted with that person performing acts you hadn’t thought them capable, and discovering disturbing and sinister truths about the family history culminate in Daniel undertaking a couple of brazenly violent acts that ultimately bring him back to his present day incarceration and conclude the single shot of noir that is SAINT HOMICIDE.

If you like your noir short and black then SAINT HOMICIDE is your poison.

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