Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hardcase Crime Wishlist

Hardcase Crime has a diverse and highly collectable catalogue including greats like Mickey Spillane (DEAD STREET), Max Allan Collins (Quarry novels), and David Goodis (The WOUNDED AND THE SLAIN) to name a few. As an avid reader of the imprint and the hardboiled/pulp/noir in general I thought I’d compile a list of books/ideas I’d love to see from Hardcase Crime one day

QueenpinMegan Abbott to become the third female author to be published by Hardcase Crime, following on from Christa Faust (Angel Dare novels) and Elissa Wald (THE SECRET LIVES OF MARRIED WOMEN). A story along the lines of Megan Abbott’s QUEENPIN would be a perfect fit the line.

A Danny Boyd Carter Brown double feature (similar to Robert Bloch’s SHOOTING STAR/SPIDERWEB). The debonair private eye is my favourite character from the Aussie pulp master and it would be great to see a couple of his cases reprinted with fresh new cover art by Glen Orbik. 

An anthology collection of short stories from past greats to new talent. Hardcase Crime have one short story collection via Subterranean Press, Lawrence Block’s CATCH AND RELEASE but it would be great to read a hardboiled crime collection that includes shorts from the likes of Hammett, Westlake, and Max Allan Collins through Allan Guthrie, Josh Stallings, and Vicki Hendricks.

The Max (Max & Angela, #3 - Hard Case Crime, #47)Another Jason Starr/Ken Bruen co-authored book. Their Max and Angela novels BUST, SLIDE and THE MAX were perfect; the authors really had a chemistry and eye for satire and black humour that followed through to their writing.

A new John Blake mystery from Hardcase Crime editor Charles Ardai (aka Richard Aleas). LITTLE GIRL LOST and SONGS OF INNOCENCE were some of the best and most shocking novels of Hardcase Crime (the former in particular). Given the way SONGS OF INNOCENCE ended I’m not sure this could happen, but in the world of fiction, anything is possible.

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