Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: THE ALMOST GIRL by Amalie Howard

The Almost GirlRiven, a seventeen year old commander is ruthless, skilful, determined, and dangerous. In her homeland of Neospes, she’s feared and revered by friend and foe alike. She’s responsible for leading the Vectors, a band of deadly military personnel who are both alive and dead. A mix of the biotic and robotic – killers with violent intentions and zombie-like attributes that keep them singularly tasked. In order to lead this brigade of death and torment, Riven would have to be their superior, her ability above and beyond those she commands – luckily she is. However, her command doesn’t last all that long, she defects and leaves her world for Earth, the alternate universe living parallel to her devastated and war torn homeland. 

Enter her primary mission target Caden, a clone of the prince required for ‘parts’ to aide his ailing counterpart through ill health, high school teen drama, Guardians – protectors of travel, everting (travel between universes), and a sinister game of cat and mouse that will leave Riven questioning everything she’s ever known – including the face steering back at her in the mirror.

I love Neospes – it’s a well articulated place that instantly conjures images of the post apocalyptic landscape, both desolate and dangerous. The nooks and hidden communities of the outer realms are space-aged yet believable within the setting author Amalie Howard has so devised them. My only gripe is that it didn’t feel as though enough of Neospes was explored – despite the second portion of the novel being set there.

Being a Young Adult book there is a degree of teenage angst that creeps into the daring protagonist – this, while I understand the rationale for it being there, did seem to portray two conflicting sides to Riven. Irrespective of that, the story and the strong sense of more to come (book-wise), more than makes up for this in my books.

Overall, THE ALMOST GIRL is a solid form of escapism that transports the reader off Earth and back again.  

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