Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review: EAT THE DARK by Joe Schreiber

2130387EAT THE DARK is an intensely rich and deeply satisfying survival horror.

Serial killer Frank Snow is transported to Tanglewood Memorial Hospital for an emergency brain scan. Accompanied by a police escort and a handful of hospital staff for the MRI he finds himself in the bowels of a near fully evacuated hospital as Tanglewood officially closes its doors with Snow, the last patient.

MRI Technician Mike Hughes is on hand to assist Tanglewoods last and most famous patient undergo the final form of healthcare provided at the decommissioned facility. He’s soon visited by his wife and young son who show unexpectedly – it’s a surprise that could end in tears and bloodshed as Snow escapes the shackles that so tentatively corrupted his free will allowing him to once more bathe in the blood of his victims in the darkened halls of Tanglewood.

Terror at every turn, heart pounding suspense in every chapter, fear and violence omnipresent throughout – EAT THE DARK is a great fast paced supernatural/survival horror.

Author Joe Schreiber encapsulates all that consists of nightmares – ghosts, serial killers, claustrophobia, thick dark, and the unexplained, into a tightly wound bundle of madness. Despite having read EAT THE DARK previously, I still couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

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