Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: MIAMI REQUIEM by J.B. Turner

Miami RequiemMiami Herald reporter, Deborah Jones is a rookie, new to journalism yet brimming with single minded determination to pursue the truth and provide it to the newspapers readership. Her first ‘real’ assignment, one more of her own violation than an order from her superiors, sees her traverse to a correctional facility to visit William Craig, a death-row inmate waiting out his last days in a cramped cell for the murder of a Senators son of which he accused of raping his granddaughter eleven years ago.
As she investigates the allegation, the wounds of Deborah’s past are reopened , splashed across her workplace serving as a nightmarish reminder that what’s done can never be undone regardless of time.
Senator O’Neil’s son may be dead but the ramifications of his actions live long. Craig’s granddaughter, Deborah Jones, and others are directly impacted by that horrific event eleven years ago. Only this time round, it’s the Senator’s questionable relationship with a mob boss and his unlawful friend’s desire to keep a lid on their secret deals and murderous intentions.  
I’ve read other reviews which liken J.B. Turner’s work to James Patterson. Whilst it has the same mainstream allure, it doesn’t encapsulate the McBook rush-to-print, two dimensional feel of Patterson’s newer works. MIAMI REQUIEM is character centric, well plotted and paced, with an engaging cast thrust into believable circumstances. I’m surprised this book isn’t published by one of the major crime imprints as I see it appealing to the well seasoned and occasional reader alike.

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