Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: THE OTHER TREE by D.K. Mok

The Other TreeChris graduated from university four years ago yet finds herself rooted to the campus. Despite her degree she finds herself undertaking menial tasks with little fulfilment – until, she’s accosted by a corporation that has ties to her mother’s death to aid them on a mission to discover a cure for death; the promise of immortality.

She turns them down only to take up the challenge on her own accord. Wanting to ensure this powerful and world changing discovery doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

There are multiple factions involved in this globe spanning adventure; SinaCorp, a military like corporation determined to find the tree of life for the purpose of profit, while a secret group whose purpose is to protect the worlds hidden wonders puts up dangerous roadblocks at each stage of the journey. The unlikely duo of botanist, Chris, and Luke, a priest at Chris’ university want to find Eden, while for slightly different reasons, their ultimate cause is more humanitarian than SinaCorps.

Containing religious and scientific elements, neither is overbearing and each equally contributes depth and justification for the protagonists’ pursuit of the tree of life. A liberal dose of humour keeps the dialogue fresh and removes some of the heat from the serious/more violent encounters the likable protagonists find themselves involved in.  

My only gripe is one of practicality over the suspension of belief. Chris and Luke don’t have the never ending resources (gadgets, personnel, cash) at SinaCorps disposal, yet their globe spanning would run a sizable bill – while author D.K. Mok mentions of multiple occasions that Chris and Luke don’t have a never ending pile cash, the logical part of me wanted them to not be able to traverse the globe, rather just the key (and more localised) points on the map. That said, this is still a good form of escapism and one that is best summed as a Mix of Dan Brown and Indiana Jones.

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