Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: THE PRESIDENT'S VAMPIRE by Christopher Farnsworth

The President's Vampire (Nathaniel Cade, #2)BLOOD OATH introduced readers to a dark underworld consisting of covert ops, conspiracy, national security, and elements of the supernatural. The bumps in the night are real and the President of the USA has the weapon to abolish these unearthly abominations – a vampire, Nathanial Cade, bound to protect and serve his President for the good of mankind; keeping the other side at bay one monstrosity and evil genius at a time.

In THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE, author Christopher Farnsworth pits Cade and his politically inclined sidekick Zach Barrows against ‘snakeheads’; monsters created for the purpose of devising a superior race – one limited in numbers though big on violence that will reshape the world through one man’s demented view of a better way of life.

The vampire lore and government conspiracy theories are built upon heavily in the second Cade instalment. Each chapter dares readers to question what they know with clever snippets of Cade’s cases and supernatural conspiracy imbedded into real world events headlining the start of each chapter.

THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE reads more as a thriller with double crosses commonplace and underworld warfare rampant. While I prefer BLOOD OATH, THE PRESIDENT’S VAMPIRE scratches a different itch, one that caters for the adrenaline junkie as well as those who like their horror full frontal.

The third book in the series is RED, WHITE AND BLOOD – I’m interested to see what Farnsworth has install for Cade and Burrows.

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