Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review: WHEN ONE MAN DIES by Dave White

When One Man DiesWhen a bar regular is killed in a hit and run, private investigator Jackson Donne is asked by the bar’s owner to look into their friends death. Additionally, a wife suspecting her husband of cheating wants Donne’s services to provide proof of adultery. With two cases back to back, Donne finds himself suddenly busy, bruised, battered, bribed, and bloody – it's a tough gig being a PI.

Jackson Donne is one of the best articulated and distinctly three dimensional private investigators I’ve read in crime fiction. Like many fictitious PI’s he conforms to the stereotype yet brings a little something more the table. His past is present and future. The drugs and people he used to converse with are paramount to his investigative work in the PI business.

A sickly blood splattered web of lies entraps Donne in the midst of multiple homicides, both of his own violation and vocation, as well unwanted and unwarranted heat from his former employ.  Martin, Donne’s former partner whilst on the force is determined to bring Donne’s life crumbling around him. Venomous and vindictive, his snake-like coil poised to strike for the purpose of self satisfying a belated grudge, harboured in secretary, growing in resent.

For Donne, his respective investigations showcase a history and tarnished past best left in the rear view. Yet, as a the cases develop and Donne learns some hard and fast truths, the plot comes full circle proving coincidence is void when murder and power are on the table.

WHEN ONE MAN DIES is a fluid, easily consumable read in one or two sittings. I look forward to reading #2 THE EVIL THAT MEN DO.

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