Saturday, February 22, 2014

Advance Review: DEPTH CHARGING ICE PLANET GOTH by Andrez Bergen

Depth Charging Ice Planet GothMina is a typical 17yr old girl from Melbourne – her life a poster for normalcy; going to high school, hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading books, writing stories, going to the odd party etc. However, the façade is one of crafty deception, behind a long fringe and downcast eyes hides an inner torment and imaginary solace to a life more attune to violence and condemnation than the carefree rebellious teen life she should be leading.

Subjected to physical and mental abuse at the hatful hand of her older sibling, Mina conjures up Anim, an imaginary friend with real life influence who becomes her confidant and closest ally against the unbrotherly bombardment.

Adding to this hard knock life story is the typical teenage angst mixed with fluid friendship, experimental intoxication and a form of escapism that’s surreal and real at once. Mina is a complex character who experiences the full gambit of emotions as she shifts through a time lapse of events that at once captures the essence of 1980’s Australia and something a little other-worldly.

Author Andrez Bergen makes the fantastical and real bleed into one another; the seamless trajectory of actions to and from the respective perspective create a lucid dream experience that encapsulates genre fiction in its many iterations.

DEPTH CHARGING ICE PLANET GOTH does not subscribe to a label/category of fiction which makes this refreshing and unpredictable. Andrez Bergen builds upon his strength in diversity to ensure Mina’s plight is one of multiple possibilities and dimensions. We, as the reader, get to enjoy this vivid imagery and enthralling tale of survival, endurance, and coming-of-age. 

DEPTH CHARGING ICE PLANET GOTH is due out midyear 2014.

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