Thursday, March 6, 2014

Catching up on crime: THE CONCRETE BLONDE (Harry Bosch #3)

The Concrete BlondeThe third Bosch book takes readers back to the often mentioned Doll Maker case in which Harry Bosch took down a killer of prostitutes who took samples of their make-up as trophies. In THE CONCRETE BLONDE, Bosch is accused of having killed the wrong man when a new murder is uncovered which seems to have occurred after the alleged killer was taken out by Bosch.

Rogue policing is nothing new to Bosch. His cop mentality and iron first delivery of street justice has got him in trouble time and time again yet his method and madness doesn’t change from novel to novel. This is one of the things that makes Bosch so compelling and down to earth. He’s just a guy who wants to rid the world of trash, one garbage collection day at a time. Unfortunately, it felt like he didn’t get enough time to do just that with author Michael Connelly taking a different route for the third series instalment.

THE CONCRETE BLONDE felt more Grisham than grit and lacked some of the Hollywood noir of the first couple of books but Bosch is such a great character with enough of the dark him to maintain the readers interest despite a heavy emphasis on courtroom proceedings rather than the case of the blonde buried in a slab of concrete. It’s a good book but not great. Personally, more focus on the investigation into Doll Maker and this new victim and less courtroom thriller would’ve put this right up there with some of the best crime fiction.

I’m reading the Bosch books as part of my new year’s bookish resolutions and am having a great time. HERE are some of the other reading resolutions I’ve set for 2014.

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