Sunday, March 9, 2014

First Look: TROLL MOUNTAIN by Matthew Reilly (episode 1)

Troll Mountain: Episode 1Matthew Reilly enters the world of young adult fantasy with his serialised tale, TROLL MOUTAIN. For endearing protagonist, Raf, a scrawny teenager, seeing his younger sister fall victim to an illness which is running rampant throughout his tribe, he knows the time has come to face those who have the remedy, even if it means travelling across a dangerous land full of rogue human eating trolls, wolves, and hobgoblins.

The trolls of Troll Mountain have developed an elixir to cure such ills but demand a great price – the life of the one who seeks in exchange for the one they wish to save. For this reason, many warriors from Raf’s tribe have sought to take the elixir by force only to never return. Raf, hopes to be the first, showcasing his worth to his tribe and saving the life of his sister.

TROLL MOUNTAIN episode 1, is a very short read but one that accomplishes so much. The reader is introduced to Raf, a travelling companion, and a Troll unlike the stereotype in Dum (who instantly connects with the younger reader in us all) who together formulate the key group of characters we fellow on this dangerous quest.

Without giving too much away, the set-up for episode 2 is perfect. Enough cliff-hanger without being overtly so, and a distinct turning point in Raf’s quest to save his sister. I look forward for reading how Raf and co handle this next instalment.
*TROLL MOUNTAIN episode 1 is out in April from Momentum Books.

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