Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: BREAKING POINT by Gerard Brennan

Breaking PointBREAKING POINT is a perfect blend of humour and noir spiced with a spliff sense of serendipity that is nothing short of entertaining from start to finish.

Brian and his girlfriend Rachel are trying to live a normal life. Well, as normal as can be seeing as Rachel killed Brian’s brother and they’re both in hiding after Brian failed to take down hardman Owen in the books predecessor THE POINT.

With a grudge and raw determination, Owen seeks to track down Brian ‘ear for an ear like’ only with a view to exact a more permanent form of gratification. Unbeknownst to Brian, who’s bonded with a local small time drug dealer (who happens to be forming his own kind of martial arts, a barstardisation of disciplines), the killer is on the verge of quenching his thirst for vengeance when Tony’s dojo is busted up (along with Tony) by the larger drug profiteers. Brian in a state of flux flees his new friend and ends up in the arms of a madman.

BREAKING POINT is top notch storytelling by one of the best in the business. Author Gerard Brennan continues to knock it out the park time and time again (WEE ROCKETS, FIREPROOF etc.) and BREAKING POINT is no different.

Short, sharp, funny, and balls to the wall exciting. This is one novella that packs a punch many novels fail to land.

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