Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: HELLHOLE by Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson

Hellhole (Hellhole, #1)Exiled to a rotten and almost inhabitable planet, General Adolphus, must find a way not only to survive but sustain a colony in the DZ (deep zone) planet aptly nicknamed ‘Hellhole’. Actually called, Hallholme, named after a Commander of the Constellation who defeated Adolphus, this planet is riddled with terrific storms that decimate all living objects in their path and a mysteriously secretive species, long gone, but still felt by the frontier thrill seekers.

I thought the story was well articulated and executed to a readers delight. The characters were complimentary without over powering the surroundings (which really was the focus of HELLHOLE’s plot) and were well rounded and believable. I especially liked the evolution of some of the characters – despite being well outside the realms of Earthly possibility; the authors made it feel somewhat plausible and fitted the story perfectly.

If I were to pinpoint a negative it’d be that HELLHOLE doesn’t read well as a once and done story. It doesn’t end apart from a clear nod towards the new direction for the series and requires readers to pick-up HELLHOLE AWAKENING (which I did on the strength of this book) to reach any sort of conclusion to the foundation laid in HELLHOLE.

In summary HELLHOLE is an entertaining venture into the other worldly and caters to all the needs of escapisms through science fiction with a nod towards the fantastical.

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