Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: LETHAL METAL by Harry Ledowsky

Lethal MetalA naval investigator, undercover radiation recovery operative, and prominent local clinician attempt to stall an arms deal that would deliver a terrorist group a smattering of lethal weapons and access to radioactive waste.  

Altered to the dangerous proposal by virtue of his work in the hospital emergency department, Dr Ross inadvertently uncovers the first glimpse of a broader spanning crime that not only has the potential to end his three young patients’ lives prematurely following contact with the radioactive waste but has far reaching ramifications for the rest of the world.

When the Russian Mafia are found to have leverage over the Russian Navel Authority, senior members find themselves in dire predicaments, forced to collude with the criminal underworld. Back room deals are made, cheques are signed, lives are placed in the control of others. For Captain Andriev Alenkov, one of the good guys of the navy, this blatant disregard for the service is foreign and without rationale, however, as the events and deeper plot behind LETHAL METAL unfold, Alenkov’s sentiments, echoed by the reader, are slightly displaced.

For all its thrills and kills, LETHAL METAL is a distinctly human novel in a sense that it evaluates the core aspects that drive humanity to formulate their own cause, structure, and belief. Each of the characters; from mob boss, terrorist assassin, to corrupt naval personnel come across as believable in their own right making the events seem all the more justified (hero and villain perspective alike).

The Russian place setting, whilst playing a part to a degree was more supplementary than core. If I had to critique, I would’ve liked to have had a deeper, more enveloping sense of place – even if the submarine scenes were elaborated. That said pretty much everything worked well and exceeded my expectations. Being new to the author and reading somewhat outside my typical genre(s), LETHAL METAL entertained and made me want to get to the finish as quick as I could.  

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