Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Look: NIGHT TERRORS by Tim Waggoner

Night Terrors (Shadow Watch, #1)NIGHT TERRORS is a ridiculously fun book to read – a concoction of nightmares, detective drama, and the supernatural that stretches the fabric of reality and bleeds surreal through the seams.

Shadow Watch officers/agents Audra (an Ideator, maker of nightmares) and Jinx (an Incubus, Audra’s nightmare made real) are introduced to the reader following the unsuccessful collar of another Incubus causing havoc amongst the general populace.  It is during this episode of violence that a Maelstrom opens up, dredging up monsters and supernatural horrors bringing the Shadow Watch partners out of the shadows and into full light of their superiors and many terrified onlookers. From here a tried and tested detective formula precedes the investigation – yet with a shade of the surreal.

I really like the dynamic of the unpredictable duo in Audra and Jinx, not only does the real life existence of Audra’s worst nightmare work with her day and night (Ideators don’t need sleep, often relying on illegal drugs to maintain alertness) but often saves her from other peoples tormented and ghastly creations. Jinx, being a murderous clown, packs a few big gloved punches (or mallets) to go along with his humour which lightens the mood and breaks-up the procedural nature of their investigation.

NIGHT TERRORS has a lot going for it and I’m pleased that it’s the first in a series focusing of the Shadow Watch as Jinx is one nightmare that I, as a reader, wouldn’t mind reoccurring.

NIGHT TERRORS is due out in May 2014 from Angry Robot. Read more here.

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