Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Look: TROLL MOUNTAIN (episode 3) by Matthew Reilly

Troll Mountain: Episode IIIWarning spoilers of episodes 1 and 2 ahead! 

I also plan on writing a blog post about my final thoughts of TROLL MOUNTAIN as a complete story, but first here’s what  thought of the third and final instalment in Matthew Reilly’s YA Fantasy adventure:

The final chapters of TROLL MOUNTAIN see Raf, our young and brave protagonist face off against the Troll King’s champion in battle he surely has no chance of winning.

Picking up where Episode 2 left off, the reader is thrown into the action – something author Matthew Reilly is renowned for. The confrontation between the Troll champion and Raf is smartly written with Raf using his smarts rather than brute force (of which, someone of his stature would not have much of) as he fights for his life and the lives of the people in his village (those in dire need of fresh water and the elixir). His companions are put to the peripheral, as the book shifts perspective to Raf’s plight following the early episode’s character building.

This is perhaps the most up-front instalment that conforms to the YA stereotype, not in a bad way. As Raf deals with his violent confrontation he also must learn humility to go along with his bravery. Characters from the earlier chapters of Episode 1 reappear, forcing Raf’s hand at learning important life lessons.

Episode 3 did feel a like the weaker of the instalments, but I think that’s primarily attributed to the journey having been walked and the characters being developed, leaving only the closure to the story to tell – which in itself is good and reads as lengthy action sequence.  

Overall, TROLL MOUNTAIN is a sold YA fantasy read that has engaging characters pitted against formidable foes set amongst an interesting place-setting.

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