Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catching Up On Crime: LOST THINGS (2012) by John Rector

Lost Things: A NovellaAn encounter with a drunken would-be-robber leaves lifelong friends Evan and Peter in a state of shock and a world of hurt. The ultimately fatal encounter results in one of the would-be-robbers being killed and the other severely beaten in the name of self-defence. It’s what happens next that turns author John Rectors’ thriller from run of the mill to deeply suspenseful and gratifying.

LOST THINGS exhibits all the hallmarks of a modern day crime thriller with shades of noir where the victims/perpetrators are at the forefront and the police procedural aspects next to non-existent. This results in the reader being given the opportunity to connect with the characters on a more intimate level and develop an understanding of the reasons behind their actions.

What I really like about LOST THINGS is the level of detail Rector goes to in depicting a very much damaged and dangerously confronting serial killer from what initially resembles one half of a buddy relationship. It’s this dramatic and almost demonic evolution that provides the highlight of the novella.

As the story progresses we see a deeper seeded evil emerge and subsequent shudder inducing elements that bring fear and an unabridged sympathy for the protagonist, Evan.

Much like the other works of John Rector I’ve had the pleasure of reading (THE GROVE being my favourite); LOST THINGS captivated me from start to finish.

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