Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: PINK FACTORY a Crime Factory Special

Pink Factory: A Crime Factory SpecialEscape into eroticism, the penultimate sleaze pulp homage that is PINK FACTORY drips pornographic propaganda paraphrased in pulse pounding paragraphs seductively penned in short stories and entertaining/ informative essays.

Teasing the taboo and running a calloused hand over the firm embodiment of sexuality this latest instalment of Crime Factory arouses the suspicion of what is often said but not heard. The short stories that comprise this latest instalment introduce the reader to a world not unlike their own, yet one that is without inhibition and spotlights the sex industry in its many incarnations.

Fiction as foreplay, Fanning for Man by Criseyda Lake stars proceeding andisoddly one of the more subdued pieces. Quickly introducing a young woman on the brink; her desires drowning her senses in a haze of wanton need. A public display of affection leads to a deeper questioning of her ability to commit to more than a quick fix with a willing companion. A quickie that wets the appetite.

He by Louis Bravos switches focus to a casual encounter aboard public transport that leads to a very erotic conclusion inside a love hotel. While Pain and Suffering by Julia Madeline explores the master/slave complex with a hint at something murderous on the horizon. 

The Cumsluts of Oz by L. Scott Jose depicts a spin on reality television and the webcam industry – one where the stars are rarely clothed. Catering to the humorous and the horny alike it’s one of the best short stories in PINK FACTORY. I particularly liked the time taken to make the characters three dimensional, Smoo and Samantha’s relationship is a real highlight. Another of my favourites is Suitcase Pimp by Michael S. Chong,  a seductive tale about actress working and falling for her porno star idol Jess Diamond, resulting in her boyfriend being left on the outer only to succumb to the frailties of love in an industry that requires a degree of emotional detachment. It’s a tale of murder, love, lust and betrayal; noir perfected in porno.

Buran by Koray introduces a fictitious world of f#cking, fighting, and fantasy where combatants collide in a deadly embrace leading to slicing, submission and penetration; best summarised as fornication in fighting.

Through Windows by Paul Heatley takes to the Peeping Tom pervert and couples it with experimentation/exploitation sex that has a profound effect on a 17yr olds life. While stories like Go See Gertie by Gin Oliver and The Wolves of Budapest offer more diversity, not only within the sex trade but genre fiction.

Adding to the enjoyable collection of stories are essays covering all angles; from superheroes, unorthodox and illegal use of animal farms, music, and pulp books to name a few. Not only does PINK FACTORY provide the reader with a form of erotic escapism but also educates through well researched and engaging nonfiction essays.

Pick up PINK FACTORY, it will satisfy.

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