Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catching up on crime: WOLF TICKETS by Ray Banks

Wolf TicketsRay Banks has written some of the most enjoyable noirs laced with dark humor I've had the pleasure of reading and WOLF TICKETS serves up another dose of the good stuff. Sean Farrell gets taken for a ride of deceit and lies when his girlfriend Nora makes out with a nice bundle of cash, teaming up with an underworld heavy weight along the way to track down a hidden payload. Problem is, Farrell may have elaborated a wee bit about his criminal prowess with the stashed bundle more fiction than fact; a ploy to impress the pants off Nora rather than line them with coin.
Teaming up with a former army buddy, Farrell sets out to recover his stolen cash and teach Nora a lesson while he's at it. Unfortunately it turns out Nora was playing both sides with the gangster catching up with her before she's able to make out with Farrells' cash, prematurely ending her quest for wealth; a double dross that costs her last breath.
Ray Banks has a way with words and seems to capture a real humanist feel to this violent laden plot. The comedic undertones excentuate the dual character leads' persona and penchant for easy violence.  As much as I enjoy a dark crime novel, a laugh here and there really balances things out; Ray Banks is one of the best in the business.

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